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Interdisciplinary Environmental Association

Who We Are

The Interdisciplinary Environmental Association is an academic 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to the exchange and generation of knowledge between scholars, researchers, practitioners, activists, and students in the expansive field of environmental science and interdisciplinary studies. We use a cross-boundary and cross-discipline approach to create an inclusive space through our annual academic conferences and online community to thoughtfully discuss and apply new methods of understanding and action to today's multifaceted planet and human challenges.








Join Our Online Community

The IEA provides a secure and inclusive environment for academics, researchers, students, and stakeholders interested in addressing environmental challenges from an interdisciplinary perspective.


The International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment, IICE, facilitates the exchange of knowledge among individuals from diverse countries and disciplinary backgrounds so that participants can listen, discuss, and consider new concepts to implement in their study area.

Consider publishing in The Interdisciplinary Environmental Review (IER) a leading international journal dedicated to offering timely and pertinent insights into environmental issues from an interdisciplinary standpoint.

Green Buildings

Join us at the 29th International Interdisciplinary Conference

on the Environment

Oct. 31st to Nov. 2nd, 2024

Climate Adaptation
and Pathways to a
Sustainable Future


Kappa Alpha Omicron (KAO), is IEA’s student honor society. With 14 active chapters across the United States, KAO’s mission is to provide university students and faculty with academic support within the dynamic realm of interdisciplinary environmental studies. KAO is designed to provide a robust network of scholarly resources for students, linking individuals with professionals worldwide for enhanced educational and career development opportunities.

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Working With Interdisciplinary Partners

The Interdisciplinary Environmental Association welcomes partnership and sponsorship from higher education institutions, civil societies, organizations, businesses, and individuals who have a stake in addressing and communicating today's planetary and human challenges and want to collaborate with the IEA's mission and at our next conference.

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