As a member of the Interdisciplinary Environmental Association, you have the opportunity to engage with the IEA on a personal level from attending our annual conference to networking with experts, professors, and researchers from across disciplines, to publishing research in our academic journal and sharing professional accomplishments with our online community.

Members stay up-to-date with the most current information on the IICE and stay connected with a community that expands across the world. Your membership allows us to reach more people in the interdisciplinary field of environmental science and studies, spread awareness on today's biggest planet and human challenges, and deliver exciting content from those in our community and beyond.


Memberships are annual.

  • A regular membership is for professors, practioners, activists, and interested citizens.

  • A student membership is for undergraduate and graduate students. 

Pay  the Annual Membership Fee

  • Regular Member $80

  • Student Member $40

Membership Includes 

  • Receive monthly newsletters on relevant content and up-to-date info. about the IEA and annual conference

  • Gain access to our journal, the Interdisciplinary Environmental Review when you attend a conference or publish with us.

  • Have priority review when submitting Abstracts and applying for publication with the IER

  • Share your professional achievements, projects, and research with our online community.

  • Reduced Registration Fee for IICE

Are you a professor at a university or college? Become a KAO Advisor.

Kappa Alpha Omicron is the IEA's Honors Society. We currently have 13 active chapters across the United States and are looking to increase our international base.

KAO advisors are professors and faculty members in environmental science and interdisciplinary studies who are committed to offering research support, mentorship, and professional development to KAO student members. KAO advisors receive all the benefits of a regular membership plus a student level registration fee to attend the International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment. 

Learn more about KAO Honors Society here!




Are you a Non-profit or Company? Become a Partner or Sponsor.

The IEA welcomes Institutional Members. Institutional Members are businesses, academic institutions, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations that want to partner with us to spread mission awareness and advance each other's objectives. 



Please email to collaborate on a partnership or sponsorship.

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The IEA will promote the work and objectives of institutional members on our website, email campaigns, and online platforms.


Institutional members can include their logo on the IEA's official conference agenda and sponsor the IER and IICE panels and activities. All institutional members are encouraged to host a special panel or round-table discussion an IICE.



We do not charge institutional members for mutually sponsoring each others efforts, but rather graciously accept donations to aid our mission.