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Housing Grants-In-Aid

Some partial funding to reduce registration and support three days’ lodging is available for up to ten (10) who wish to participate in the International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment but would have trouble with conference and travel fees.  To be considered for these grants, please follow this procedure:


Submit your abstract as directed for review. With the submission, include a cover letter indicating your request for a travel grant and the circumstances that make the request necessary. Recipients of travel grants are expected to participate with an oral presentation, poster, or workshop during the conference.


If your presentation abstract is accepted, forward your abstract, acceptance notice, and request cover letter to Dr. Kevin Hickey, IEA Executive Director, Economics and Global Studies, Assumption College, Worcester, MA 01609-1296, UNITED STATES (Fax: (508) 767-7382, Email: Requests can only be granted 1) if registration fees are paid in full, and 2) if a travel visa has been obtained prior to receiving a grant. If available, submit evidence of receiving a travel visa with your request. Not providing this evidence will delay your application until your visa is obtained. You will be contacted by Dr. Hickey with the decision concerning your request.


Please note that these Housing grants are for a maximum of three (3) nights and apply to room rental taxes and fees only. The person asking for the grant is responsible to make and confirm their own reservation.

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