IEA Today

Introducing IEA Today, a mini podcast series created by the Interdisciplinary 

Environmental Association, hosted by Olivia Cason, and edited by Austin Schultz. 

IEA Today seeks to discuss topics in the environment, academia, science, and society from an interdisciplinary perspective, while advancing the Association's core objectives through personal stories from voices in our community. Do you want to share your story with IEA Today? Reach out to us here!

Episode 2 Indigenous Impact. Published Nov. 30, 2020


Episode two of IEA Today features Greg Cronin and Yari Sina Sierra. Greg is Vice President of the IEA, Founder of the nonprofit Yon Sel Lanmou, and Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Denver. Yari Sin Sierra is a native Borikén (Puerto Rican) and member of the Taino Tribal Nation who actively works to protect and advance Taino culture, values, and spirituality. The two have been working together, in collaboration with the people of Vilaj Mozayik, using a transdisciplinary approach to combat Haiti's most wicked planet and human challenges.

Episode 1 Pilot. Published Oct. 26, 2020


Dr. Kalim Shah, president of the Interdisciplinary Environmental Association and professor at the Biden School of Public Policy at the University of Delaware. Dr. Shah

reflects on his history with the IEA, his  goals for the Association, and his ambitions to modernize the IEA with the use of new communication platforms and engagement opportunities.


He also offers advice to young professionals and students  who are navigating career moves amid the Covid-19 pandemic while emphasizing our biggest challenges in science and society, and reinforcing why the Interdisciplinary Environmental Association is as relevant today as ever before.