The 26th. International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment 

Please keep checking our website for updates and information on the 2021 IICE

The IICE will feature sessions about crucial environmental topics such as climate change, biodiversity, decolonization, and transdisciplinary approaches used to address these and other pressing, multifaceted problems faced by humanity and our planet. The IICE will also feature special sessions dedicated to COVID-19 and environmental responses to the pandemic. 
COVID-19 hampers the kinds of group discussions that IICE has always fostered. IEA cancelled the IICE scheduled for 2020, but we have an obligation to hold IICE in 2021 because of the numerous environmental problems facing our planet. COVID-19 safety will be at the forefront of preparation next year, so it is important to address these concerns and make the necessary preparations for health and safety requirements for all parties. IEA is planning for a hybrid conference that will combine in-person presentations, panels, field trips, and group discussions with internet-streamed presentations and conferences.