Kappa Alpha Omicron

Kappa Alpha Omicron is the Student Chapters and Honors Society for the Interdisciplinary Environmental Association. The society's  purpose can be found within the Greek letters that make up its name: Kosmos (universe) Anthropos (humanity) and Oikos (household). We believe these three perspectives can be used to approach our biggest environmental challenges. KAO is designed to offer college and university students and faculty academic support and a web of networks across the globe in the growing field of interdisciplinary environmental sciences. The IEA is actively seeking faculty to mentor a KAO Chapter at their home university.

2019 KAO Induction Ceremony at Doane University. 

Dr. Leslie Sherman, Iota mentor at Washington College

2019 Zeta Induction Ceremony at Southern  Maine University

The first KAO Chapters were initiated in 2014 at the IICE and the 20th anniversary of the IEA. The Alpha chapter of KAO is assigned to Assumption College, the home college of the IEA founder.


    KAO Chapters Include:

  • Beta: Bethune-Cookman University 

  • Gamma: University of the Witwatersrand 

  • Delta: Marietta College 

  • Epsilon: Stetson University

  • Zeta: University of Southern Maine

  • Eta: Methodist University

  • Theta: Dillard University

  • Iota: Washington College

  • Kappa: Doane University

  • Lamda: Elon University

  • Mu: Birmingham Southrn College

  • State University of New York-Potsdam

  • Manhattan College

Inductees at Washington College

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