Dr Greg Cronin

Associate Prof. of Integrative Biology & Sustainability at University of Colorado Denver

Founder of Yon Sel Lanmou

Email: ieagregc@gmail.com and yonsellanmou@gmail.com 


Dr Demetri Kantarelis

Economics and Global Studies

Assumption College

Voice: (508) 767 - 7557

Fax: (508) 767 - 7382

Email: dkan@ besiweb.com

Kevin Hickey.jpg

Dr Kevin Hickey

Economics and Global Studies

Assumption College

Voice: (508) 767 - 7296

Fax: (508) 767 - 7382

Email: khickey@assumption.edu

Shane No Vacancy (1).jpg

Dr. Shane Epting

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Missouri University of Science and Technology



Dr. Bernice deGannes Scott profile pictu

Dr Bernice J deGannes Scott

Associate Professor

Economics Department

Spelman College

Email: bjdgannes@aol.com


Dr. Tomomi Maekawa 

Research Fellow in the Graduate School of Engineering at Mie University

Email: maekawa.tmm@gmail.com


Dr Mai Kuha

Department of English

Ball State University


Voice: (765) 285 - 8410

Robin Aspen.jpg

Dr Robin Aspman - O'Callaghan

Principal Faculty, School of Management

City University of Seattle


Voice: (360) 319 - 5162


Dr. Geoffrey Beattie

Department of Psychology

Edge Hill University


eric fitch.jpg

Dr. Eric Fitch

Associate Professor of Environmental Science

Department of Biology and Environment

Marietta College


Headshot udel.jpg

Dr Kalim U. Shah

Assistant Professor of Environmental Policy

Energy and Environmental Policy Program

School of Public Policy & Administration

University of Delaware

Email: kalshah@udel.edu


Olivia Cason

B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy

Saint Edward's University