Registration Guidelines
Please be sure to register as the appropriate title. If you intend on staying at the hotel, please make your hotel reservation after registering for the IICE .
The hotel registration must be made before May 11,2020.
  • Registrations prices are set as EARLY BIRD.A $50.00 fee will be added to the registration price after                      May 1,2020

  • An institutional member is an attendee that is associated with a university, business, or nonprofit. 

  • A person that registers as a student attendee will be asked to verify student status.

  • A local is any person that is living in Mexico and wishes to attend the conference, but is not presenting. The local price is also applied to persons representing local NGO's.

  • A single session attendee is a person who attends one single session of presentations either in the morning or afternoon.

  • Pay for registration by adding your costs depending on your classification, and adding $50 if it is after May 1, 2020, then clicking on the "Donate" button to pay via PayPal.

  • The Interdisciplinary Environmental Association does not want the lack of funds to prevent anybody from presenting their work at the International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment. IEA does our best to keep registration costs to a minimum, but we realize that these can be a large burden for attendees who do not have institutional support. Scholarships are available to presenters who need financial assistance. To apply for a scholarship, please submit your abstract and an explanation of the assistance you need to present at IICE to 


We are proud to work together with professionals, businesses, civil societies, and non-profits that would like for the IEA to promote their work on our website, social media outlets, newsletter, and on the official conference program. In exchange, we ask that your organization promote the IICE 2020 on their official outlets of communication. Email your sponsorship request to


Faculty or Professional: $283

Undergraduate Student: $77

Graduate Student: $129

KAO Student: $36

Local Attendee: $77

Single Session Attendee: $21

Price includes payment fee. Please click on the "Donate" button, and enter the amount.