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Please select the online registration that applies to you. Endorsers and donors of the 27th IICE will have their names listed on the official conference program.

Virtual Faculty

Professional Presenter

$100.00 usd.

Virtual Student Presenter

Stakeholder Presenter

$50.00 usd.

Virtual Attendee



$10.00 usd.

The Interdisciplinary Environmental Association does not want financial barriers to stop any one from attending the IICE. If you need to request a financial scholarship, please email Greg Cronin at stating why you need assistance and how attending the IICE will beneficial to your academic and professional goals.

IEA thanks Yon Sel Lanmou 501(c)3 for managing registration fees. (1) Enter a valid email address.

(2) Enter  your First and Last name and affiliation i.e. name of university, business, or profession. (3)Find the registration fee that applies to you. (4) Click on the "Amount" button and follow the instructions in PayPal to complete the transaction.

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