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President Greg Cronin is the founder of Yon Sel Lanmou, a transdisciplinary scholarship and non-profit in Haiti. Yon Sel Lanmou’s mission is to use LOVE to build a thriving, sustainable Haiti. Love of self, love for others, love of life, love of the environment, love of knowledge, love of happiness, and love of arts will guide our programs. Our projects are diverse and capitalize on opportunities as they are presented, but the common theme in all of them is Love. Greg developed the transdisciplinary scholarly approach that he uses to address environmental and human problems in Haiti. Trained as an ecologist and recognizing the need to work in solidarity with experts from multiple fields, he expanded the STEM disciplines to include the Arts, Humanities, and Recreation, forming the acronym HAMSTER. His work in Haiti revealed the devastation of colonialism, genocide, and slavery on the environment. Greg now focuses on Indigenization and decolonization efforts to address environmental problems and improve the livelihoods of those most seriously harmed by colonization.

60 second video video highlighting some of Yon Sel Lanmou's projects using HAMSTER disciplines. Background music by Mona Augustin and 303 Choir. September 20,2017

Protecting Haiti from COVID-19. Yon Sel Lanmou, Joewolf Nerath, and Josimar Juste teamed up to create a PSA to inform Haitians how to avoid the Coronavirus. April 27,2020.

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