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The International Honor Society in Environmental Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies 

Application to Establish a College or University Chapter

Signatures of Support. Please provide all applicable names, titles, and departments.

Please attach to this form the following information:

  1. A statement from the proposed advisor indicating the institution’s reasons for seeking a chapter and its  plans for participating in the activities of Kappa Alpha Omicron  

  2. A list of at least two petitioning members with teaching or research responsibilities in the environmental  program and the basis for their admission to the Association if not already members of IEA. Include their full curriculum vitae.

  3.   A letter of support from the President or appropriate Vice President, the appropriate Dean or Provost, and  the appropriate Department Chair or Head of the Program  

  4. An exact listing of all full-time and adjunct faculty participating in the institution’s environmental program, with full curriculum vitae in the case that additional faculty seek membership to the Interdisciplinary Environmental Association.  

  5.  Confirmation of the college or university accreditation status including copies of pertinent pages from the institution’s catalog indicating the school's history, grading system, degree(s) and program(s) offered in environment-related subjects, and all associated active course listings. If this information is not available in English, please provide appropriate translations of all critical information

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All information may be submitted as a pdf file


The initiation fee for a new chapter is $500, to be submitted upon approval of the application as a check or money order payable to the Interdisciplinary Environmental Association. The address of payment is included below under  ‘Mail All Applicable Fees To’. Chapters receive access to the IEA newsletter, one student-level registration fee  for the chapter advisor and one free conference registration for one student member of the chapter. The one-time membership fee for a new member of a KAO chapter is $40, which includes a membership to the IEA.  Following graduation, first year IEA membership is $40.00. KAO students receive pins and cords upon graduation and  a copy of the Association’s academic journal upon attending the annual conference. Students receive a  hard copy of the IER if they pursue publication. Chapters are permitted to add an amount to this membership fee for  the use of the chapter. There is no charge to retain membership in KAO. 


Please note the following from the IEA Constitution pertaining to student chapters when completing this application:  




Each active chapter shall adopt its own By-Laws, which shall conform to the provisions of the IEA  Constitution and its By-Laws.  




Each chapter shall elect student officers annually, according to its By-Laws, and the newly-elected chapter secretary  shall notify the Central Office promptly of the results of the election. Each chapter shall have a faculty advisor, chosen  according to regulations of the hosting college or university, who shall be responsible for the conduct and well-being  of said chapter.  




The Conference shall have power to place on probation, suspend, or  dissolve any chapter whenever the welfare of the Association will be served by such action. Similar action may be  taken by the Council if it is deemed advisable, but any such action by the Council shall be subject to approval at the  next annual Conference and shall not be permanently binding without such approval. No chapter shall be placed on  probation, suspended, or dissolved without the privilege of presenting its case before the body ordering said  probation, suspension, or dissolution.  


Send all KAO Inquiries to: 


Olivia Cason

Consultant, IEA 


Mail all applicable fees to:  


Dr. Kevin Hickey, Executive Director of the IEA  Assumption College, Director Dept. of Global Studies 500 Salisbury St. Worcester, MA 01609-1296

Voice: 508-767-7296  


Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact with you soon.

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