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Interdisciplinary Environmental Association Membership


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Members of the Interdisciplinary Environmental Association engage with the IEA on a personal level from attending our annual conference and networking with scholars, practitioners, and researchers across disciplines, to publishing research in our academic journal and sharing professional content with our online community.


Membership allows us to reach more people in the interdisciplinary field of environmental science and studies, advance dialogue on today's biggest planet and human challenges, and host a space for people to come together to listen, learn, and adopt new concepts in their area of expertise.



  • Regular membership is for professors, practitioners, researchers, and interested citizens.

  • Student membership is for undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students.

  • Please send a request to stating your reason for membership to start the application.​


  • Receive newsletters from the IEA, including updates on the annual academic conference, IICE.

  • Access to the IEA's journal, the Interdisciplinary Environmental Review, upon presenting research at the conference or upon publication to the journal.

  • Receive priority review when submitting abstracts to the conference and when applying for publication in the IER.

  • Share research and projects with our online community including on our website, inside the newsletter, and on social media platforms.

  • Access the Association's directory of members.

  • Reduced Registration Fee for IICE.

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