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The Interdisciplinary Environmental Review (IER) is a leading international journal dedicated to offering timely and pertinent insights into environmental issues from an interdisciplinary standpoint. Manuscripts featured in IER encompass a spectrum of traditional disciplines, fostering a holistic and integrated understanding of environmental topics. Unlike conventional academic journals constrained by categorical limitations, IER encourages a comprehensive exploration of environmental themes, transcending disciplinary boundaries to provide a more inclusive perspective.

Topics covered include

  • Research of any spatial or temporal scale in interdisciplinary environmental science or study

  • Case studies related to interdisciplinary environmental management, ethics, economics, or similar, both local and international

  • Comparative studies on environmental topics, including analyses of historic or contemporary environmental issues

  • Advances, applications, and consequences of environmental technology, policy, management, or choices approached from an interdisciplinary perspective

  • The intersection of socio-political, economic, and scientific forces regarding any environmental topic

  • Significance of literature, journalism, and public opinion on an environmental issue

  • Developments, options, analyses, and issues regarding sustainability and green technology

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