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Iota Chapter at Washington College Inducts 14 New Members to KAO Honors Society

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Written by Emma Cease

On Tuesday, March 8th, 2022, the Washington College Iota Chapter of the Kappa Alpha Omicron Environmental Honor Society held its induction ceremony for 14 new members. Current members were also in attendance to celebrate their membership due to covid-19 preventing an induction ceremony last year.

Members of the Iota KAO Chapter are students who exemplify academic excellence in the environmental science and studies major, demonstrate advocacy for the environment, have leadership experience, promote citizenship, and are passionate about their unique role in today’s changing world.

The ceremony was led by KAO advisors Dr. Robin Van Meter and Dr. Leslie Sherman, president Emma Cease, vice president Carrie Jackson, and secretary Paleena Amy. Both current members and inductees received a certificate and potted plant to celebrate their membership. The 2022 inductees include Grayson Barshick, Isabel Bendel-Simson, Camryn Bryan, Sophie Esdale, Kennedy Jones, Laurel Krause, Taylor Mantyk, Hannah McCarthy, Alexander Metrey, Holly Myers, Katelyn Tack, Maegan White, Mirabelle White, and Libby Witham.

The 2021 members are Paleena Amy, Andrew Baron, Arianne Browning, Analiese Bush, Emma Cease, Queen Cornish, Melissa Defrancesco, Sammy DiLoreto, Shalis Hunt, Carrie Jackson, Emma Macturk, Craig McAlister, Kyle McKim, Sharon Niedringhaus, Alaina Perdon, Leah Ritchie, Claire Spears, and Kyle Stansbury.

The ceremony was immediately followed by the chapter’s first spring semester event, a guest lecture from Shorerivers' Chester Riverkeeper, Annie Richards. Later this semester the group plans on participating in a campus-wide flower planting and will continue to encourage environmental awareness in and around the campus community.

The Iota KAO Chapter at Washington College host a Spring Induction Ceremony on March 8th,2022.

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