Intimidation and Murder of Environmental Activists Must End

Greg Cronin IEA Vice President, Yari Sina Sierra, Olivia Cason



The Interdisciplinary Environmental Association (IEA) is committed to the study, understanding, protection, preservation, and sustainable use of ecosystems across the globe. We value the transdisciplinary approach of working with scholars from diverse fields, policy-makers, stakeholders, advocates, and leaders in environmental decision-making. Conflict resolution must be guided by the ethical application of science, traditional knowledge, policies and laws, transparent dialogue, and consideration of healthy ecosystems as a commons that benefit society at large. We believe respectful discussions and negotiations, where all sides are heard, are how agreements and decisions should be made and those agreements must be honored. Violence, terrorism, coercion, and force should not be used in environmental decision-making process.


The IEA unequivocally denounces the rash of murders, intimidation, and displacements inflicted upon environmental protectors. Indigenous people protecting ecosystems within their territory have suffered most by this violence, often by outside forces attempting to profit from the non-sustainable exploitation of resources. These cowardly assassinations of environmental protectors and community leaders are intended to seed fear for a cultural and land appropriation of Indigenous groups, for the political and financial agendas of corrupt governments or private companies. The IEA calls for the immediate halt of violence against environmental protectors and demands that governments must hold responsible individuals, groups, and corporations responsible for the perpetration of these crimes. Proper punishments must be meted.  Reparations must be made to victims and their families. No reparation can replace the murdered, but it can assist survivors and dissuade future violence. Individuals can help halt the violence by contacting government officials and by carefully considering the corporations that they support financially. Boycott companies who support violence against environmental protectors.

The next International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment will be held in Mexico City in June 2021, if the pandemic allows. We welcome all scholarly presentations at IICE, but will have a special session and panel related to the intimidation and murder of environmental protectors. If you would like more information, or would like to serve on the panel, please contact Dr. Cronin at Please join IEA in creating a world with environmental justice for all. The Interdisciplinary Environmental Association stands in solidarity with environmental protectors.

Dr. Geoff Beattie's Trophy Hunting is Shortlisted for Taylor & Francis’ Outstanding Book and Digital Product Award.

Black Lives Matter

Olivia Cason

June 12/2020

The Interdisciplinary Environmental Association advocates for both the protection of the planet and people. Our association is founded upon the use interdisciplinary methods to address the world’s most severe environmental challenges and we understand that intersectional environmentalism must be practiced in all forms of interdisciplinary environmental efforts to effectively work against the injustices that are occurring at disproportionate rates in communities of color and to other vulnerable groups. The Interdisciplinary Environmental Association will not ignore the intersections of environmentalism and social justice, and will stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, POC communities and the planet.


We will use our platform to proactively work and continue to learn about environmental racism which has historically inflicted wounds on the world and society. In our own community, we will advocate for increased representation of Black, Indigenous, POC communities and Women from our members, to advisory board and conference attendees. We will make stronger efforts in our association's diversity to amplify the incredible work, and to share the stories of POC scientists and researchers. We will not remain silent during pivotal moments that impact people and the planet.

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