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Missouri University of Science and Technology is hosting a virtual, interdisciplinary conference for undergraduate instructors and students! Ethical Engineering for Sustainability, Wicked Problems, and Beyond! December 11-12 2020. Abstract submission and more information can be found

Introducing IEA Today, a mini podcast series created by the Interdisciplinary Environmental Association, hosted by Olivia Cason, and edited by Austin Schultz. IEA Today seeks to discuss topics in the environment, academia, science, and society from an interdisciplinary perspective, while advancing the Association's core objectives through personal stories from voices in our community. Click to listen to out Episode 1!

When social distancing prevents teaching about coronavirus in the classroom, the internet, radio, and television become great and necessary ways to reach people. BDE Nation and Yon Sel Lanmou created an informative music video on coronavirus and what preventative measures can be taken by Vilaj Mozayik in Haiti.




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