The Interdisciplinary Environmental Association is an international nonprofit committed to academic discourse with practitioners, professors, and students in the expansive field of environmental science and studies. By using an interdisciplinary approach, the IEA creates a space to thoughtfully discuss critical environmental challenges with the engagement of diverse backgrounds and disciplines.


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black lives matter

The Interdisciplinary Environmental Association advocates for both the protection of the planet and people. Our association is founded upon the use interdisciplinary methods to address the world’s most severe environmental challenges and we understand that intersectional environmentalism must be practiced in all forms of interdisciplinary environmental efforts to effectively work against the injustices that are occurring at disproportionate rates in communities of color and to other vulnerable groups. The Interdisciplinary Environmental Association will not ignore the intersections of environmentalism and social justice, and will stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, POC communities and the planet.


We will use our platform to proactively work and continue to learn about environmental racism which has historically inflicted wounds on the world and society. In our own community, we will advocate for increased representation of Black, Indigenous, POC communities and Women from our members, to advisory board and conference attendees. We will make stronger efforts in our association's diversity to amplify the incredible work, and to share the stories of POC scientists and researchers. We will not remain silent during pivotal moments that impact people and the planet.

Dr. Geoff Beattie's Trophy Hunting is Shortlisted for Taylor & Francis’ Outstanding Book and Digital Product Award.

The Intimidation and Murder of Environmental Activists Must End

The IEA unequivocally denounces the rash of murders, intimidation, and displacements inflicted upon environmental protectors. Indigenous people protecting ecosystems within their territory have suffered most by this violence, often by outside forces attempting to profit from the non-sustainable exploitation of resources. These cowardly assassinations of environmental protectors and community leaders are intended to seed fear for a cultural and land appropriation of Indigenous groups, for the political and financial agendas of corrupt governments or private companies. 

Yon Sel Lanmou Uses Transdisciplinary Approach to Respond to Coronavirus in Haiti.

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