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Rooted in its name's Greek letters—Kosmos (universe), Anthropos (humanity), and Oikos (household)—the society's mission is to leverage these three perspectives in addressing today's most pressing environmental challenges. KAO functions as a supportive academic platform and provides university students and faculty with access to a global network of interdisciplinary professionals. Chapters actively participate in both on-campus and community projects and engage with the International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment (IICE) by presenting research, attending workshops, facilitating discussions, and seizing networking opportunities. KAO chapters are tasked with proactively involving themselves within their respective communities and are encouraged to organize projects, events, and activities that directly address the unique environmental and social needs of their locales.



  • Beta: Bethune-Cookman University 

  • Chi: University of North Florida

  • Delta: Marietta College

  • Eta: Methodist University

  • Iota: Washington College

  • Kappa: Doane University

  • Lamda: Elon University

  • Lamda: State University of New York- Potsdam

  • Mu: Birmingham Southern College

  • Nu: Manhattan College

  • Omega: Carthage College

  • Rho: Rhodes College

  • Theta: Dillard University

  • Zeta: University of Southern Maine

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